About Me and My Site

Originally from the Midwest (of the U.S.A.), I moved to New Mexico to pursue a doctoral degree in curriculum & instruction. With my research including areas of early childhood education, critical pedagogies, culture, and technology, I have found myself consistently reflecting on how my life experiences and education have impacted my professional choices. Additionally, there are often experiences I have in this doctoral process that bring my life to the forefront in unexpected ways. While this personal connection is not a unique experience in a doctoral program, I have found that being open about it does not readily happen in academia. Yet, it seems to be an essential part in deeply transforming as a person and a scholar. After many thorough conversations with colleagues and family members, I decided to create a blog that will couple with my current blog Uncomfortable Conversations for Educators & Parents. Unlike Uncomfortable Conversations, this blog will focus on the personal side of my journey, often shedding insight into my personal reflections and growth and sharing some of my inner thoughts and struggles.

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